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UK Teachers QTS programme: United Kingdom teaching opportunity for Nigeria, Ghana and odas – Wetin to know – BBC

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Di UK don open opportunities for teachers from South Africa, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria wey get di same qualifications to dia British counterparts and at least one year of teaching experience to apply for jobs for di kontri.
Dem bin don also extend di offer to teachers from Ukraine, Singapore, Jamaica, India, and Hong Kong unda wetin dem call di Qualified Teacher Status ,QTS, programme.
And di offer go start from February 2023.
To be teacher for di majority of primary and secondary schools for England, pesin must get QTS.
Dis na proof say di pesin get necessary education and dey follow di criteria wey dey necessary to be teacher.
Di four African kontries na di first dem go consider for QTS. Before dat, na only for teachers from di European Economic Area, Gibraltar, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, the US, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.
"Teachers from all eligible kontries go need show dem meet a consistent set of criteria for di award of QTS. Over time, dis route go dey opened to qualified teachers from every kontri outside di UK," na so di UK goment tok for one statement.
Dem fit recruit di teachers directly from dia kontris of origin provided dia employer sponsor one critical skills visa for dem.
Dem go use di visa along wit di general or immigration visa.
Di UK goment say in due course, dis kain visa go dey opened to teachers from all ova di world.
According to one University College London report, even as di Covid-19 pandemic worry, e get around 8% more teacher openings for 2020 (138 512) dan e dey for 2019 (128 235).
During di initial Covid-19 lockdown wey happun for April 2020, di number of openings reach im lowest point at about 6 700.
Di need for more teachers stabilise by late April afta di initial shock.
Di demand for teaching professionals don rise above pre-pandemic levels by mid-summer and di beginning of autumn.
From 1 February 2023, teachers wey qualify from di following nine kontris go fit apply to TRA for QTS:
Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa, Ukraine, Zimbabwe.
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To fit get di award of QTS as a non-UK teacher, di UK Department of Education say you must:
Get undergraduate degree of di same academic standard as a UK bachelor’s degree, as verified by UK ENIC.
Complete teacher training wey go meet di standard of a Level six qualification and dey at least di same length as an English initial teacher training course.
Don complete a course wit content wey focus on practical and teaching methods.
Qualify to teach children aged between five and 16 years.
Have at least one school year (a minimum of 9 months including school holidays but excluding time out taken for any oda reason) of professional experience working as a teacher afta qualifying.
Gbab professional status wey teacher for di kontri wia you qualify get, and you no go dey subject to any conditions or restrictions on your practice.
You must also meet one certain standard of English language proficiency.
You go need provide evidence say English na di medium of instruction (MOI) of your degree.
Or you fit don sit for CEFR B2 level English language test for a secure English language test (SELT) provider and meet one CEFR B2 level of English proficiency.
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