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Save what is left
Taking advantage of someone’s necessitation is becoming the most popular rule in my beloved country. From business to bodies we never fail to imply this rule. Yes, bodies. I am referring to the incident which took place in Lahore recently where a woman was called for job interview but got sexually harassed.
The woman was gang-raped and immoral videos of her were also been recorded in a hotel, where she went for the interview. The media highlights only one or few of such issues. But who knows the story of thousands of those sealed lips and dark rooms that silently regret on applying for jobs, for getting higher education, for going to public places.
We are collapsing morally as a society and we respond to this destruction by abandoning our daughters, sisters and wives from going outside. But the only result these measures bring in is increase in such cases and we are getting used to these things. Yes, Pakistan is a free country oppressed by its own citizens where we are shackled by invisible chains.
We need to wake up and should take rapid actions instead of just making condemnation statements verbally. We, as a society, need to remind ourselves of humanity, our responsibilities and finally how actually the humans behave. We have to take stand for ourselves and for the ones looking for our help. Take action before it’s too late; save what is left.
Great roosted miracle
A great roosted miracle is being performed by the Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Instead of helping Zimbabweans health workers with their rights, he is abusing them even.
The sad thing is that the money they are earning is pitifully low. Health workers in Zimbabwe have been abused by the ruling party in the past two weeks. This causes them to flee their country and work abroad. It is offensive that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is using health workers in burst hospitals.
In the past few weeks, as the economic crisis deepened, the health service has undergone a dramatic deterioration, according to doctors across the country. Elective surgery has been abandoned in the central hospitals and even emergency surgery is often dependent on the ability of patients’ relatives to purchase drugs, suture material and supplies of blood from private sellers.
The number of infants presenting with cerebral palsy is escalating because of failing obstetric services. Pharmacies stand empty and ambulances are grounded for want of fuel and spare parts.
More than 4,000 health workers have left since 2021. The majority of doctors and nurses leaving Zimbabwe are working in the United Kingdom where their skills are meeting huge shortages there.
Health indicators are worsening drastically in Zimbabwe. Hospitals in the country are unable to undertake the most basic operations because of shortage of anaesthetics, sutures and other essential supplies. Zimbabwe’s health-care system once held up as a model for Africa is collapsing. President Emmerson Mnangagwa must go and his government must be removed from power.
Living in the era of snatchers
The crime of mobile phone snatching has made the life of the people miserable and sorrowful. No one is left out when it comes to street crimes in Karachi, people don’t feel safe anymore as the constant fear of losing their valuables stays in their mind.
A recent study showed that the crimes of mobile snatching grew after the migration of the flood victims from the northern side of Pakistan to the southern side.
In a recent case, a protest outside NED University was held in the presence of Engr Hafiz. Naeem-ur-Rehman by students over the death of Bilal Nasir, a 21 year old boy who lost his life during snatching. He was a third year Petroleum Engineering student at NED University.
This incident took place at a tea shop opposite to the NED University where two men on a motorbike tried to rob Bilal, who tried to resist but the snatchers shot him without any hesitation. With the help of CCTV footage one of the snatchers was arrested by the Police and is currently under interrogation.
Now the real question is whether the criminals will be punished or not. As the current state of our law and order is not as strong as it should be. Even if we talk about the previous cases, many criminals were easily bailed out which made them more courageous for their future crimes. It’s time for the government to show criminals what they are capable of and work to fix their law and order system by punishing those criminals who are found guilty of their crimes.
Sports ignored in Balochistan
Baluchistan, the largest province of Pakistan in terms of landmass, is deprived of the sports in the country. One can observe everyone having talent in various sports like football, cricket, etc. Despite this, the talented youth of Balochistan are deprived of the sports at national level.
The sport institutions do not have reasonable budgets for the competitions or tournaments at the national level. Furthermore, the talented youth of Lyari, a small town in Karachi, are also not being included in the national level teams.
I am sorry, but the truth is that the sports authorities in Pakistan do not see the talents rather they see sifarish (recommendation). If there is sifarish, then you are selected in the team, otherwise there is not any chance to be selected.
Therefore, I urge the boards of the sports in Pakistan to launch training and coaching facilities across the provinces. And the Baloch youth and the talented players of Lyarib must not be left behind and should be allowed to represent their country at the international level.
Turbat, Kech


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