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Remote Work Jobs Become a Tool for Some to Keep Salaries Low – Bloomberg

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Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the highest selling games of all time. It’s developer, CD Projekt Red, was seen as one of Poland’s most important companies. But inside the company, leadership pushed developers to get the game out for launch, hid the truth about how bad the game was, and ultimately had it returned by millions of people.
LendingClub to Cut 225 Workers, Take Charges of $5.7 Million
US Releases Stockpiled Tamiflu Supplies Amid Cold, Flu Treatment Shortages
Markets That Once Trembled at Inflation and the Fed Are Calming Down
US Will Dodge Recession and Markets Will Rally, Ariel’s Rogers Says
BOJ Watchers See Earlier Policy Shift After December’s Surprise
Real Estate Tech Firms Lessen, SMS Combine in $950 Million Deal
Google Keyword-Search Warrants Questioned by Colorado Lawyers
Saudi and Singapore Wealth Funds Join $930 Million Pre-IPO Bet on Anime Giant
Apple CEO’s Pay Cut 40% in 2023 After Shareholder Feedback
Google, Nvidia Express Concerns to FTC About Microsoft’s Activision Deal
Biden Special Counsel Robert Hur Once Oversaw Robert Mueller
Chicago Mayor Apologizes for Email Seeking Teachers Support
Higher Rates and Falling Prices Hammer Kiwi Homeowners
Perez’s Related to Join Group Developing Florida Yacht Show Site
Fanatics to Launch Sports Betting at Commanders Stadium Next Week
QB Derek Carr Says He Embraces Challenge of New City, Team
Elon Musk’s New Year’s Resolution Is to Stop Selling Shares
Japan’s Standing Is Rising. Not So Its Leader’s
The Document That Separates Biden and Trump
Climate Data Startups Take Science Off Campus and Into Boardrooms
Housing Pain to Continue Until Economy Slows and Prices Fall
Young Bankers Who Got Used to Smooth Sailing Prepare for a Storm
Powerful India Hindu Group Hints at Support for LGBTQ Couples
Human Rights Watch Says Tories Are Stripping Away Fundamental Rights
Gas or Electric? Talk of a Stove Ban Sparks Debate About Which Cooks Better
Irrawaddy Dolphins Near Extinction as Mekong Region Develops
Indianapolis Gets Serious About Car Crash Investigations
NYC Mayor Goes Up Against  Other City Leaders in Fight Over Spending Cuts
Mapping the Death of NYC’s Cheap Slice
Bitcoin Mining in 2023: No Rest for the Weary (Podcast)
FTX Debacle Impels UAE to Assess Its Crypto Ambitions (Podcast)
How Did Binance Come to Dominate Crypto? (Podcast)
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For all the high-profile bosses who’ve ordered staff back to the office, plenty of US businesses are still embracing work from home, partly because it means they can hire workers where they’re more affordable.
At Extra Space Storage, near Salt Lake City, which has one of the tightest job markets in the country, managers were struggling to staff a call center last year. The company, which owns or operates more than 2,000 self-storage centers in 42 states, was increasing pay, but workers still kept departing, says Tyler Jacobsen, senior director of talent acquisition and retention.


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