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Tapiwanashe Mangwiro
FUEL retailer, Puma Energy has opened a diesel storage facility in Bulawayo, which will ensure an uninterrupted supply of fuel to its southern region of the country.
With a holding capacity of one million litres, the storage facility will support the company’s expansion drive in the region, managing director Mr Daniel Duffau said.
“We have opened storage in Bulawayo to facilitate the supply of the southern zone and this facility can hold up to one million litres at any given time,” said Mr Duffau.
“Supply to the facility is through rail and can be replenished in 24 hours hence we will not run dry in the southern zone.” With guaranteed diesel supply security, Mr Duffau said Puma was looking to open seven filling stations in the southern region.
“This demonstrates the confidence placed in Zimbabwe’s economy and development potential. These are new jobs created and also support for the economic development of the country because we target urban and rural areas,” he said.
During his visit to Harare in September last year, the head of Africa at Puma Energy, Fadi Mitri said Puma Energy’s strategy was focused on strengthening its core business in high-potential markets, while also expanding its portfolio into new energy solutions. “Zimbabwe represents an important market for Puma Energy and we see significant promise in the country’s growth potential,” said Mr Mitri.
“We remain committed to contribute to Zimbabwe’s growth journey by investing and expanding our retail network and offering our customers a convenient one-stop-shop for high-quality fuel, lubricants and convenience shopping.”
In light of the projected global energy crisis, Puma said it would put in place measures to guarantee consistent supplies by diversifying new sources and delivery routes.
Global commodities trader Trafigura Group is the major supplier of Puma Energy.
“Supply problems will certainly cause price volatility,” said Mr Duffau. “The challenge posed by this price volatility remains the adequacy of prices at the pump, which must guarantee the capacity in terms of cash flow to be replenished.
“It is through anticipation and a fair assessment of needs that Puma Energy Zimbabwe intends to minimize the impact of market prices on the country’s economy.
“We believe in Zimbabwe and as an international company we want to invest in Zimbabwe, by giving the country new products such as Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG),” Mr Duffau. Puma will also explore new energy solutions such as solar.
Mr Duffau said the company was looking to grow fuel supplies to the aviation industry. Currently, Puma is supplying fuel to airports in Victoria Falls, Harare as well as Bulawayo.
Puma Energy is a leading global energy business, providing energy across the globe. Its downstream business segments include fuels, aviation, lubricants and bitumen. 
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